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Water Sprinkler

About Us

Proudly serving New London/Washington Counties since 2021!


Joshua Thibeault

Josh was born and raised in Preston, is a father to 4 with a wide range of experience, from new construction, auto, landscaping, and equipment operation, if we don't do it, we got a guy! 


The Sons

I am frequently asked if I am the son or the father, so here they are! They are still in training, but they're on the right track!

Josh's knowledge of landscaping and maintaining property’s curb appeal comes from years of first-hand experience. We are dedicated to keeping your home entertainment-ready year-round. Whether you need your property graded, drainage added, retaining wall, if its in your yard, its in my wheelhouse! We are proud to have the best customer service in New England in lawn care and landscaping.


Get Started Today

Contact us for a free no obligation quote for service. We are standing by at the ready, ready to serve you and your lawn.

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